the purpose of this blog is just a place to keep all of the reaction gifs i have saved. i don't care about followers or notes. i am not maliciously reposting things to get notes or followers. this place is just for keeping track of my reaction gifs. i am actively asking anyone viewing this blog to not reblog anything from it. 'like' if you must but please do not reblog.

one click a day can go a long way c:

14th April 2014

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1st April 2014

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Leonardo Dicaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.

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30th March 2014

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25th March 2014

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19th March 2014

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That face Will makes whenever Freddie Lounds is in the room.

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17th March 2014

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me while watching ‘once upon a time’

inspired by (x)

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9th March 2014

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9th March 2014

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9th February 2014

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27th January 2014

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hermione granger + glaring

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