the purpose of this blog is just a place to keep all of the reaction gifs i have saved. i don't care about followers or notes. i am not maliciously reposting things to get notes or followers. this place is just for keeping track of my reaction gifs. i am actively asking anyone viewing this blog to not reblog anything from it. 'like' if you must but please do not reblog.

one click a day can go a long way c:

20th July 2013

Photo with 12 notes

Tagged: 12345star trekstar trek: next generationstar trek tngnext generationwill rikerjonathan frakesi can'tfaintingdead

3rd June 2013

Photo with 5 notes

Tagged: 12345the mummyeyerollwhateveroh pleasei can't

1st June 2013

Photo with 9 notes

Tagged: 12345jon stewartfacepalmannoyedspeechlessi can't

31st May 2013

Photo with 8 notes

Tagged: 12345the vampire diariespaul wesleynoshaking my headi'm sorryi can't

28th May 2013

Photo with 1 note

Tagged: 12345once upon a timeemma swanjennifer morrisonfaintingi can't

20th April 2013

Photo with 2 notes

Tagged: 12345once upon a timecaptain hookcolin o'donoghuedeadi can'tdone

19th April 2013

Photo with 9 notes

Tagged: 12345deadfaintingthorchris hemsworthi can'ti can't even

11th April 2013

Photo with 11 notes

Tagged: 12345animalsi can'tdeadshockedsurprisedoverwhelmed

3rd April 2013

Photo with 4 notes

Tagged: 12345deadi can't

2nd April 2013

Photo with 18 notes

Tagged: 12345deadi can't